Complex Care

Complex care at Sonderwell aims to support you with specific care needs, designed for independent living in your own home.

This means that you can continue to live at home, surrounded by family and engage with your local community and activities.

Those in need of complex care will receive both medical care and everyday activity support from a qualified Sonderwell nurse and support team. Complex care includes medical interventions for severe health requirements including learning disabilities, mental health support or chronic and long-term physical disabilities.

Sonderwell recognises you, your journey and will always tailor specific care for your specific needs whether this is on a full-time basis or for occasional requirements.

Our services support your specific needs, boundaries, preferences, wishes and lifestyle choices whilst delivering extremely high standards of care in your home.

Complex care includes support with:

  • Mobility
  • Everyday tasks
  • Mediation
  • Therapeutic support
  • Personal Care

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it covers a multitude of circumstances where we will ensure you are always safe and feel seen and heard

Sonderwell ensures you are included at every step of your journey, adapting to changes in requirements and liaising with external healthcare professionals.

Each of our care plans are entirely personalised, removing barriers to care access and simplifying your search for the perfect care provider.


Our teams are specialist care providers and medically trained professionals in a number of complex care types. Please select a type of complex care below to find out more about how we can support these specific needs.

Mental health care

Mental health is a very broad term for emotional, psychological, social well-being, behavioural difficulties and perception which influences cognition, relationships and decision-making abilities. Your mental health is crucial to your personal development, the development of your community and socio-economic development.


Dementia care

Dementia care is designed to support you whilst you face specific challenges, to continue to live at home as you always intended.


Learning disabilities

A learning disability presents challenges in a variety of areas for both adults and children, this might include mastering a brand new skill, taking time to absorb information, build and maintain relationships


Brain injury care

Acquired brain injury (ABI) only occurs after birth and can impact the quality of life for an individual. Whilst it can be unexpected and life-altering, a positive quality of life at home surrounded by friends and family is definitely possible.


Spinal injury care

An injury or damage to the spinal cord can result in impairments to the strength, feeling and mobility of the body parts that sit below the location of the injury.


To find out more about complex care support from Sonderwell, we’d be delighted to hear from you. No question is too big or too small and an informal chat is the first step in supporting your research for a care at home provider.

To make an enquiry today, please don’t hesitate to

If you’d prefer to consider other care options find out more

Live in care

Live-in care can be a welcome alternative to leaving your home behind for a care home. A fully trained professional care worker would come to live with you in your own home and support you with your specific needs, enabling you to be comfortable and independent.

Visiting care

Making a real difference with visiting care in your own home. A visiting carer from Sonderwell offers the support you really want when you need the most, supporting your independence.