Mental health care

Mental health is a very broad term for emotional, psychological, social well-being, behavioural difficulties and perception which influences cognition, relationships and decision-making abilities.

Your mental health is crucial to your personal development, the development of your community and socio-economic development.

Mental health is complex in that it is experienced entirely differently from person to person with varying degrees of clinical outcomes.

Sonderwell sees you and recognises that a diagnosis of mental illness doesn’t mean the loss of your independence.

Complex care support

Our care and support team are fully trained and dedicated to enhancing your life within your own home with the ultimate goal of achieving a positive impact on your confidence.

Whilst it might be a difficult concept to rely on a stranger for support, we believe in nurturing relationships to provide you with the utmost respect and dignity to achieve your mental health goals.

We will ensure you receive:

  • A matched care worker based on their knowledge and experience of mental health, along with their personality and interests
  • Entirely flexible care in your own home, whether this is visiting, live-in or overnight support – we’ll be there to build a plan around your specific needs
  • Open communication with you and your family
  • Reliable companionship
  • Support with the day-to-day activities and errands
  • Educational support back into learning or employment

Get in touch

To find out more about complex care support from Sonderwell, we’d be delighted to hear from you. No question is too big or too small and an informal chat is the first step in supporting your research for a care at home provider.

If you’d prefer to consider other care options find out more

Live in care

Live-in care can be a welcome alternative to leaving your home behind for a care home. A fully trained professional care worker would come to live with you in your own home and support you with your specific needs, enabling you to be comfortable and independent.

Visiting care

Making a real difference with visiting care in your own home. A visiting carer from Sonderwell offers the support you really want when you need the most, supporting your independence.