Brain injury care

Acquired brain injury (ABI) only occurs after birth and can impact the quality of life for an individual.

Whilst it can be unexpected and life-altering, a positive quality of life at home surrounded by friends and family is definitely possible.

There can be many causes of brain injury, which include:

  • Falls or accidents
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Injury to the head
  • Tumours
  • Sports injury
  • Stroke
  • Physical violence resulting in injuries to the head
  • Neurological conditions
  • Strangulation, choking or drowning
  • Drug abuse

These causes of acquired brain injury can further be categorised into two crucial areas, thus determining the level of care that may be required:

Traumatic brain injury

caused by a sudden impact to the head or struck with significant force

Non-traumatic brain injury

no physical trauma, but caused by strokes, tumours, neurological diseases, etc.

Bespoke service

Complex care support

A brain injury can result in many effects on the body including physically, cognitively, mentally, behaviourally and affecting the ability to learn.

Care and treatment for brain injuries is a particularly complex process, addressing the personal requirements in order to prevent further damage. The Sonderwell care team provides nurse-led care, coordinating with healthcare professionals at every step of the way.

We aim to provide care enabling you to live independently in your own home, whilst maintaining a respect and empathy for your situation. Our care plans are tailored to your own needs at times to suit you, supporting your own journey.

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If you’d prefer to consider other care options find out more

Live in care

Live-in care can be a welcome alternative to leaving your home behind for a care home. A fully trained professional care worker would come to live with you in your own home and support you with your specific needs, enabling you to be comfortable and independent.

Visiting care

Making a real difference with visiting care in your own home. A visiting carer from Sonderwell offers the support you really want when you need the most, supporting your independence.