Meet Zoe

Nothing stops Zoe from attending a mainstream school


Zoe has a cuffed tracheostomy, which means she gets help with her breathing. The cuffed tube aids the safe delivery of oxygen to her lungs and keeps
her upper airways unobstructed. However, despite her tracheostomy, she requires round-the-clock care.

Zoe has received care from Enviva since she was three years old and when she started at a local infant school, it became apparent that, if she was going to fulfil her full potential and enjoy her school life to the maximum, the school staff were going to need proper training in how to look after her.


Enviva step in and support school

Zoe’s school contacted Enviva who were happy to help ease her integration into the mainstream education system. Our primary importance was ensuring that Zoe could fully experience normal school life without feeling isolated or excluded in any way and that school staff knew how to detect signs of potential issues and support Zoe as and when required.

The first step was to assign a Practice Facilitator who regularly attended the school and discussed Zoe’s case history with teachers and staff. Within eight weeks, the facilitator had identified several key individuals within the school community who were best suited to support Zoe and had also provided extensive training to everyone on staff.

For any out-of-the-ordinary concerns or additional support, Enviva also always provided the school with access to a helpline for use when Zoe was present.


Confidence is key

Knowing that all the staff at the school were fully aware of her needs, gave Zoe and her family the confidence to fully embrace and enjoy school life.


The future is looking bright

The teachers and staff at Zoe’s school feel confident they can manage her needs and are well supported by Enviva. Zoe is now completely integrated into the mainstream school system and able to learn alongside her peers.

The feedback from the school is that the training was outstanding and very professional, and as a result of Zoe’s case, Enviva has been commissioned to do similar training in other schools.

Enviva is proud to work within communities to ensure that children, like Zoe, with complex needs and disabilities, can enjoy fully inclusive school life and benefit from the integration within their peer groups which is such an invaluable part of a child’s development.


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