Meet Andrew

Andrew’s zest for life knows no boundaries!

Since a very young age, Andrew has suffered from undiagnosed muscle weakness and scoliosis, which has meant that his childhood and progression into adulthood have involved a range of complications.

Now a young man aged 22, Andrew’s conditions have left him requiring the use of a ventilator and electric wheelchair, whilst also having to rely on others for his personal care.

Andrew has faced many challenges in his life, but he hasn’t allowed anything to stop him from enjoying himself and living life to its full potential. He shows a great desire to constantly further himself and pushes the boundaries of what he can achieve.

In daily life, Andrew loves nothing more than playing video games, watching TV, going to the cinema, and enjoying days out.


InVent Health offer guidance and support to patients and families

As a nurse-led service, InVent Health offers clinical support, guidance, and advice to patients and their families – forming professional relationships which are always open and honest. Andrew and his family have worked closely with his care team for several years, and the team is now simply an extended part of Andrew’s family.

Passionate about providing high-quality care through excellent training programs, InVent staff offer round-the-clock care and support and are compassionate, caring, and reactive.


24/7 care

InVent Health has been by Andrew’s side from day one, supporting him through the transfer from child to adult services and throughout his studies, 24/7, including in the classrooms at University. It’s an absolute pleasure and inspiration to see Andrew continue to grow and develop into the fine young man he is.


The future is looking bright

Andrew is currently undergoing the completion of a degree in History at the University of Essex, where he frequently tops his class when it comes to exam results.


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