Wedding dreams come true

It makes me so happy to be sending this email with such positive feedback on our carers.

As you all know, Sam and I got married last month, and our carers were nothing less than outstanding. They went above and beyond, whether on shift or there as a guest, they all worked as a team.

Whether it be going to prepare and decorate the venue with me at 5am in the morning, or putting a suit on Sam whilst lying down (apparently is much harder than it sounds!), hiding the urine bottle in a magazine to empty my catheter, or making my seizure discreet and worry-free for my family; they couldn’t have done more to make our day as perfect as it could be for us, and it really was perfect! (Sam even made them cry when he was talking about them in his speech!).

The carers namely were: Julie Livingstone, Charlotte Kazandis, Danny Lindridge, Tiffany Johnston, and Angelika Kulka. I also really appreciate the support from scheduling and the management team, in helping to organise the carers being able to be there with us; it was really special.

Most importantly though, and the main reason I wanted to email, was because we had so many compliments, both on the day and still now, about how lovely our carers are and how lucky we are to have them. They are an asset to us, and really gave off a good reputation as carers for you as a care agency as well.

Thank you again to all of you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Katie & Sam Bailey

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