International Nurses Day 2023

International Nurses day, celebrated around the world on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale, born 1820 in Italy, settled in London was known as a Social reformer & statistician. Florence came to prominence when serving as manager and trainer of

nurses during the Crimean war, she is wildly acknowledged by the nursing community as the founder of modern nursing.

Known by many as the ‘lady with the lamp’, giving nursing & nurses a favourable reputation in Victorian culture, a time where nurses were seen as handmaid’s to medics & surgeons.

What she actually did has far more relevance to modern day nursing & practices, reducing death rates by improving hygiene and living standards. Florence’s role in modern day nursing is often thought to be exaggerated, but it has more recently been agreed that her later work paved the way for ongoing improvements & reforms in healthcare. What Florence did for nurses was to professionalise the role of Nursing.

Today the global nursing community is recognized on Florence’s birthday, acknowledging the dedication, skill, expertise and bravery of nurses across the world.

At Sonderwell we are proud to have a fabulous team of Nurses, leading our care teams out in the field, delivering the very best care & keeping our clients safe.

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