Ian Hadingham

Chief Operating Officer

Ian’s role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) involves overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions within Sonderwell, which includes working with the CEO and other executives to set the company’s strategy and direction, whilst ensuring that Sonderwell’s operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

As COO he acts as the key communicator between different departments ensuring that the organisation’s operations align with its strategic goals. His role also includes financial oversight and leading and managing the wider team, ensuring  that the organisation continues to maintain high standards of quality care and continuous service improvement.

Ian joined Sonderwell in January 2024 and brought with him significant operational experience across the care and retail sector, having brought growth, business transformation and operational excellence to each of his previous roles.

He joined Sonderwell having most recently served as Managing Director of Manorcourt Homecare, (Part of the Healthcare Homes Group), and before that as Group Director of Live-in Care with City & County Healthcare Group. Before joining City and County he was Operations Director with MiHomecare and prior to this role, worked with Allied Healthcare as Care Delivery Director for the South of England.

He entered the care sector, having spent 25 years working in multiple operational roles within British Homes Stores.

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